The Possibilities at Entering Crop Rotation System of Certain Annual Legume Plants in Antalya

Authors: Sadık ÇAKMAKÇI, Semiha ÇEÇEN

Abstract: The research was done during 1994-95 and 1995-96 planting season with 3 replications in randomized complete block design, in Antalya to find the possibility of entering crop rotation system for the forage yield of 9 annual legume plant species. In this work, common vetch, hungarian vetch, hairy vetch, bitter vetch, field pea, chickling vetch, fenugreek, persian clover and berseem plant species were used. For every plant species plant dry matters obtained during harvesting season and days to harvesting stage were compared. As a result, for the dry matter yield, chickling vetch, hungarian vetch and fenugreek plant species gained the highest yield. For the days to harvesting stage, field pea, hungarian vetch, fenugreek and common vetch was the earliest, persian clover, berseem were the latest plant species that came to harvesting stage.


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