Anatomical and Histological Investigations on the Effects of Stratification Substrates on Final Take and Quality of Grafted Vines


Abstract: This experiment was carried out to determine the effects of water, sawdust and pumice as stratification substrates on the success of callusing, final take and quality of grafted vines of the Hafizali and Ercis grape cultivars grafted on Kober 5BB rootstock. The anatomical and histological development of the graft union was investigated at 21, 28, 35 and 42 days after grafting in all combinations. As for the results of the anatomical and histological investigations, it was observed that the cambial continuity between graft components in all combinations was mostly established in 21 days, and completed in 28-35 days in water and sawdust. Although water and sawdust were found to be better than pumice, water is recommended as the optimum stratification substrate.

Keywords: Grafted vine, stratification substrates, callusing, cambial continuity.

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