Effect of Sodium Ascorbate on Some Quality Characteristics of Turkish Pastırma

Authors: Hatice GÜR-YAĞLI, A. Hamdi ERTAŞ

Abstract: Different amounts of sodium ascorbate (0, 150, 300 and 450 mg/kg) were used in curing stage of Turkish pastırma production and the effect of sodium ascorbate was investigated on some quality characteristics of pastırma. It was observed that there was no effect of sodium ascorbate on pH and penetrometler value of pastirma. Sodium ascorbate caused to decrease of TBA-value and residual nitrite content (P<0.01). The increasing of sodium ascorbate content caused high nitrosopigment corversion (P<0.01). In sensorial evaluation, the use of sodium ascorbate increased the acceptability of color (P<0.05) but there was no effect on chewing and flavor (P>0.05).


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