A Study on Determining Input and Cost in Tea Production in Shoreline of Çayeli Town

Authors: Vedat DAĞDEMİR, İhsan ÖZÇELEBİ

Abstract: This study has been carried out in Rize-Çayeli production region with the purpose of determining the input and the cost in tea production. The data necessary for the study was obtained by means of the questionnaire applied in the compaines. Taking research area between December 20 th, 1992 and January 5 th, 1993. In the research area, the questionnaire out at 152 companies of which 112 were in the first group (<5499 m2), 35 were in the second group (5500-10499 m 2 ) and 5 were in the third group (10500-15499 m 2 ). The cost of 1 Kg of fresh tea leaf was 2030.9 TL. in the first group compaines, 2005.9 TL. in the second and 1933.1 TL. in the third group compaines and it was estimated as 2019.3 TL.in general. In 1992, General Directorate of Çaykur declared the purchasing price of fresh tea as 2250 TL. for the first shooting (40 % of total product), 2350 TL. for the second shooting (40 % of total product) and 2500 TL. for the third shooting (20% of total product). Thus, the average Purchasing price of Fresh tea leaves in 2340 TL. In this respect, tea cultivators earned from one kilogram of fresh thea leaf 309.1 TL. in the first group of companies, 334.1 TL. in the second group of companies, 406.9 TL. in the third group of companies and 320.8 TL. in general. There is an inrease in the income of the producers for per kilogram parallel to the increase in the tea cultiveation area.


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