Using the Parcel Transposition Ratio (PYO) in the Evaluation of land Consolidation Projects


Abstract: In this study, land consolidation projects were evaluated by a different way than usual. According to the results of two different models applied to the Tokat-Erbaa-Yukarı Çandır Village land consolidation area, first of all the previous owners of parcels were identified. Then using these values, in Model A 22.18% of the total area and in Model B 18.31% of the total area were given to the previous owners. For both models, statistical calculations were made between the previous parcel(s) in a block and the parcel(s) given in the same block for all holdings. The relationships were found to be significant (P<0.01) in Model A (r=0.735) and in Model B (r=0.664).

Keywords: Land consolidation, parcel transposition ratio, evaluation

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