The Effect of Seed Size and Nitrogen on Root and Shoots in the First Development Stage of Barley


Abstract: This research was conducted to determine the effects of seed size and nitrogen fertilization on seedling growth of barley cultivars Angora and Cumhuriyet-50 at Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Faculty of Agriculture in 1997. According to results of the research, there were significiant differences between Angora and Cumhuriyet-50 cultivars for seedling length (in field research), leaf number, dry weight of above-soil surface organs, and root/dry weight ratio of above-soil surface organs. Seed size significiantly affected seedling length (in pot research), leaf number (in pot research), dry weight of above soil surface organs and root-dry weight, and large seeds produced heavier seedlings. It was determined that nitrogen fertilization significiantly affected seedling height, dry weight of above-soil surface organs (in field research), root-dry weight, and root/dry weight ratio of above-soil surface organs (in pot research). It was also determined that the difference between large and small seeds for seedling weight may be compensated for by nitrogen fertilization.

Keywords: Barley, seed size, nitrogen, seedling development.

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