Meat Consumption and Expenditure Elasticities: A Cross-Section Study in Konya City

Authors: Ali KOÇ, Cennet OĞUZ

Abstract: In this study, disaggragate meat consumption and expenditure of household in Konya city were investigated with data obtained by questionnaire. Questionnaire data cover 396 households in different socio-economic classes. Study results show that an average food expenses in household total expenditure is 47.2 % and meat expenses in household food budget is 21.7 %. Using average household size and assuming household consumption equals for every month, per capita annual aggregate meat consumption were estimated 25.4 kg. The break-down of household meat consumption indicates that beef and veal share is 33.8%, mutton and lamb share is 17.0%, poultry meat share is 30.3% and suasage share is 9.1% in total meat consumption With household expenditure data and using Engel curves based on 'Stone's Linear Exependiture System', expenditure elasticities were estimated 0.65 , 0.75, and 1.69 respectively for red meat, poultry meat and processed meat products.