Determination of flower bud drop and anomalies under different ecological conditions of some apricot cultivars


Abstract: Efficiency in fruit trees is connected with flower quantity and quality. Flower abortions occur largely depending on locations and years in apricot varieties that are selective in terms of climate requirements. In this study carried out with varieties having a wide range of chilling requirements in İzmir and Malatya, flower and leaf bud drop rates differed according to varieties and was found low in Malatya. During the flower bud and bloom period, Tokaloğlu, Precoce de Tyrinthe, and Iğdır varieties did not show anomalies in Malatya while Precoce de Tyrinthe had a low rate of abnormality in İzmir. Furthermore, it was determined that the flower bud drop rate decreased depending on the length of the chilling period.

Keywords: Abortion, chilling period, flower bud, Prunus armeniaca

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