Effects of Nutrient Media on the In Vitro Establishment of Shoots of Pistacia Atlantica Desf. Seedling.

Authors: Sebastiana MEDEROS, Maria Isabel TRUJILLO, Isabel LOPEZ

Abstract: Shoot cultures of Pistacia atlantica Desf. seedlings were established in vitro using apical and nodal segments from six-month-old plants. The most satisfactory results were obtained using a modified Quirin and Lepoivre (1977) macroeement solution identified as QL. 4 which was enriched with 10 mEq/I of NH4NO_ plus 5 mEq/l of NaNO3 and supplemented with MS (1962) micronutrients plus 0.4 mg/l thiamine-HCl, 0.4 mg/l pyridoxine-HCl, 100 mg/l m-inositol, 10-6 M BAP, 5x10-8 M NAA, 30 g/l sucrose and 6 g/l Difco-Bacto agar. All cultures were incubated 24ºC under a 16 h photoperiod (30 \alphaE/m2xs).