Effectiveness of nitrogen fertilization and application of microbial preparations in potato cultivation


Abstract: This study examined the effectiveness of nitrogen fertilization and application of microbiological preparations in potato cultivation. The experiment factors were doses of nitrogen of 0, 60, 120, and 180 kg N ha^{-1} and microbial preparations of BactoFil B10, Effective Microorganisms EM, and UGmax. The amount of inorganic N in the 0-0.9 m soil layer before potato planting fluctuated from 63.5 to 80.4 kg N ha^{-1}, while after harvest it ranged from 44.4 to 119.7 kg N ha^{-1}. Nitrogen supply from mineralization during potato vegetation ranged from 36.1 to 46.3 kg N ha^{-1}. Each of the applied nitrogen doses caused a marked increase in potato-plant productivity in comparison with a smaller dose. Growing nitrogen doses decreased the value of the fertilization effectiveness index. Application of microbial preparations led to an increase in soil nitrogen content after plant harvesting and a lower uptake of N, diminishing the indices of NUE, NUpE, NAE, and NRF.

Keywords: Microbial preparations, N fertilization, nitrogen use efficiency, potato

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