Effects of melatonin applications on certain biochemical characteristics of strawberry seedlings in lime stress conditions


Abstract: The aim of this study is to determine the effects of different doses of melatonin (MEL) applications (0, 5, 10 μM) on certain biochemical characteristics of strawberry seedlings grown in calcareous stress conditions. The experiment was conducted in the pots filled with lime-added mixture at the rate of 1% and peat perlite at the rate of 1:1 with frigo seedlings belonging to "Albion" strawberry cultivar. In order to examine the effects of MEL application against lime stress in different development stages; analyses of proline, total phenolic content, and lipid peroxidation were performed on leaf samples taken in 3 different periods. MEL applications in strawberry seedlings grown in a controlled and calcareous condition increased the proline amount while decreasing lipid peroxidation (MDA). As a result, it was detected that MEL applications relieve the effects of lime stress and the dose of 10 μM generally offers better results.

Keywords: Lime, lipid peroxidation, MDA, melatonin, proline, strawberry, total phenolic

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