A Research on the Development of Ovule in Some Important Hazelnut Cultivars

Authors: S. Zeki BOSTAN

Abstract: This study was carried out on Tombul, Sivri, Palaz and Kalinkara hazelnut cultivars during 1995 in Ordu. As a result of measurements recorded from early June to harvest, it was determined that the ovule development was completed in June, generally, and June was most rapid development period. The ratios (%) of kernel width to nut width were 82.12%, 80.31%, 76.48% and 81.12%, respectively, the ratios (%) of kernel length to nut length were 83.43%, 84.43%, 82.50% and 80.35%, respectively. In Tombul, Sivri, Palaz and Kalinkara cultivars, in harvest period, nut width, nut length, kernel width, kernel length and shell thickness were determined as 18.50 mm, 20.12 mm, 15.19 mm, 16.79 mm, 0.64 mm; 16.30 mm, 21.45 mm, 13.09 mm, 18.11 mm, 1.02 mm; 19.75 mm, 17.12 mm, 15.10 mm, 14.13 mm, 1.07 mm; 18.00 mm, 20.00 mm, 14.60 mm, 16.07 mm, 1.07 mm, respectively.


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