Frankfurter Type Sausage Production with Sunflower Oil Substitution

Authors: A. Hamdi ERTAŞ, Gülay KARABAŞ

Abstract: Some quality characteristics of frankfurter type sausages (with 30% total fat) produced by adding sunflower oil at different levels (10%, 20% and 30%) were determined and compared to control with 30% animal fat. Increasing of sunflower oil content resulted in lower process yield. Cholesterol content and water holding capacity of frankfurters also decreased at the levels of sunflower oil from 10 to 30% (P<0.01). The more sunflower oil content caused the higher TBA values (P<0.01). Neither sunflower oil content nor storage time affected the product rancidity. The group with 30% sunflower oil had lower penetrometer value. Increasing of sunflower oil content and prolonging of storage time resulted in lower pH values (P<0.01). Sunflower oil caused pale color, springy and firmness product in sensory evaluation. Sunflower oil flavor was felt in the group with 30% sunflower oil by the panelists.


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