The Correlation and Path Analysis of Yield and Yield Components on Fenugreek Lines (Trigonella foenum graecum L.)

Authors: Bayram SADE, Fikret AKINERDEM, Ahmet TAMKOÇ, Ali TOPAL, Ramazan ACAR, Süleyman SOYLU

Abstract: This study was conducted to determine the direct and indirect relations betwen yield and yield components of fenugreek. Fourty-seven fenugreek lines were used as material. It was determined the direct and indirect effects of studied traits on grain yield by means of the correlations and path coefficients. The significant correlation coefficients were found between grain yield per plant and branche number, pod number, pod lenght, grain number per plant, single grain weight. Acording to the path analysis, it is important the pod number and single grain yield, related to direct effect to increase grain yield on selection studies.