Effects of Temperature and Time of Harvest on the Growth and Yield of Aubergine ( Solanum melongena L.)

Authors: Ahmet KÜRKLÜ

Abstract: An experimental study was conducted to define the response of aubergine to different temperatures in controlled greenhouses. Set temperatures of the greenhouses were 14, 18, 22, 26 and 30°C. In terms of vegetative growth, the plant response was the highest to the highest temperature then gradually decreasing for the lower temperatures. This was in contrast with the fruit development since as the temperature decreased from 30°C, mean fruit weight and size increased, and the total fruit yield was highest in 22°C which indicated an optimum temperature. However, there was no optimum for vegetative growth. This was found, by using a growth model, about 32 to 34°C for almost all plant components. The results are useful for production planning.


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