Some Cytogenetic Investigations of Different Ploidy Levels of Meadow Fescue (Festuca pratensis Huds.)

Authors: Bilal DENİZ

Abstract: In this study, aneuploid plants in the C2 generation of autotetraploid meadow fescue were selected, and some cytological properties influencing fertility were studied at different ploidy levels. At the end of the cytological studies, it was determined that the plants in the C2 generation were 68.6% eutetraploid, 21.6% diploid, 5.9% hypoploid and 3.9% hyperploid. In the diploids, anaphase I segregations appeared to be more regular than in the eutetraploids and aneuploids, and the average number of micronuclei (M/Q) in tetrads was found to be lower. The eutetraploid plants had similar characteristics to diploids with regard to the above mentioned properties, whereas the hypoploid and hyperploid plants demonstrated higher irregularities.