Relationship Between Clay Minerals and Potassium Statuses of Sugar Beet Cultivated Area Soils of Kastamonu and Amasya Sugar Factories

Authors: Nuri MUNSUZ, Gökhan ÇAYCI, Mümtaz KİBAR, Nihat AKINCI, İlhami BAYRAMİN, Kamil EREL

Abstract: In this study, clay minerals and their relationships with potassium statuses of sugar beet cultivated area soils of Kastamonu and Amasya Sugar Factories were investigated. Research was carried out on ninety seven surface soil samples taken from Kastamonu and Amasya regions. As a conclusion, illite clay mineral which is the main resource of reserve potassium in soils was found less dominant than that of levels of smectite and kaolinite, particularly a drastic illite degradation was observed in Amasya region soils.


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