Hibernation Pattern and Importance of Superoxide Dismutase for the Turkish Hamster, Mesocricetus brandti (Mammalia: Rodentia)


Abstract: Specimens of Mesocricetus brandti were observed in order to assess the onset of hibernation and the inhibition rate of superoxide dismutase (SOD). The first individual began to hibernate on November 2 and the last animal awoke on May 5. Individual hibernation bouts varied from 8 to 63 days, and the longest uninterrupted hibernation was 4 days. In the hibernation period, the animals lost an average of 27.1 g, ranging from 2.7% to 38% of total body weight. In hibernating animals, the average inhibition rate of SOD was 82.3% while it was 77.5% in active animals. The inhibition rate of SOD in the hibernating animals was 6.3% higher on average than in active animals (P < 0.05).

Keywords: Mesocricetus brandti, hibernation, superoxide dismutase, Turkey

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