Gregarina typographi Fuchs, a Gregarine Pathogen of the Six-Toothed Pine Bark Beetle, Ips sexdentatus (Boerner) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae, Scolytinae) in Turkey


Abstract: A gregarine pathogen of Ips sexdentatus is reported in Turkey for the first time and described as Gregarina typographi. A mixed nematode parasitization and gregarine infection is reported. Gregarines were observed in the populations of I. sexdentatus in Şalpazarı (Sisdağı), Trabzon. During the study, several life stages of the gregarine pathogen were observed, measured, and photographed. Measurements of gamonts and gametocysts of G. typographi are given and compared with other gregarine isolates from Turkey.

Keywords: Gregarine pathogen, Ips sexdentatus, Gregarina typographi

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