New Records and Description of a New Subspecies for the Water Mite Fauna (Acari, Hydrachnidia) of Turkey from the Eastern Black Sea Coast


Abstract: A new subspecies, Mixobates brachypalpis ozkani subsp. nov., is described from a stream in the Rize region (Eastern Black Sea coast, Turkey). The new subspecies can be easily distinguished from the type material of M. brachypalpis, a species reported only from the locus typicus in Russia, by the more elongated and slender I-L-5/6. In addition, 3 water mite species (Torrenticola oraviensis (Láska, 1953), Torrenticola thori (Halbert, 1944) and Mideopsis roztoczensis Biesiadka and Kovalik, 1979) are reported for the first time from Turkey.

Keywords: Acari, water mites, taxonomy, new subspecies, new records, Turkey

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