The Little-Known Free-Living Ciliates from the Soils of Pirgulian State Reserve (Eastern Azerbaijan)


Abstract: The species diversity of the soil free-living ciliates of 3 parts of Pirgulian State Reserve was investigated. In total, 120 species of free-living ciliates were found. Five of them (Enchelys vermiformis F., 1986, Epispathidium terricola F., 1986, Drepanomonas sphagni Kahl, 1931, Frontonia terricola F., 1986, and Cirrophrya terricola F., 1986) are new for the Caucasus fauna. The description of 5 species are based on the observations of living specimens and the analysis of total slides impregnated by silver nitrate.

Keywords: Fauna, soil ciliates, impregnation, Azerbaijan

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