A New Species of Urophora Robineau-Desvoidiy, 1830 (Diptera: Tephritidae) from Turkey, with a Key to the Species of the Urophora guadrifasciata Group


Abstract: This study was based on Urophora Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 specimens collected from Turkey during 1999-2005. Urophora doganlari n. sp., reared in flowerhead galls on Centaurea bornmuelleria (Hausskn & Bornmuelleria, 1905), is described from Turkey and placed in the U. quadrifasciata species group. The other species are associated with Centaurea spp. and Ptilostemon spp. The best characters for defining the group are the preapical step in the female aculeus, oviscape length, colour of femora and first flagellomere, wing pattern, and pollinose on the scutum. In this study, the U. quadrifasciata group is redefined and a key to the 3 species included is provided. All species appear to induce galls, either in the flowerhead or on the upper or lower stem of host plants.

Keywords: Urophora doganlari n. sp., U. quadrifasciata group, Key, Tephritidae, Turkey

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