Some New Xylophagous Species on Fig Trees (Ficus carica cv. Calymirna L.) in Aydın, Turkey


Abstract: Xylophagous insects, Bostrychidae, Buprestidae, Cerambycidae, Curculionidae and Scolytidae (Coleoptera), on fig trees in Aydın province, Turkey, were investigated in 2000 and 2001. Sixteen species of Coleoptera were collected, of which 8 are new records as fig pests in Turkey: Anthaxia cichorii Olivier, Agrilus roscidus Kiesenwetter, Acmaeodera (s.str.) flavolineata Laporte and Gory (Buprestidae), Stenopterus flavicornis Küster (Cerambycidae), Xyloperthella picea Olivier, Xylonites praeustus Germar, Scobicia chevrieri Villa (Bostrychidae) and Hypothenemus eruditus Westwood (Scolytidae). In addition, X. picea is the first record for the Turkish fauna. However, it was observed that Hypoborus ficus Erichson (Scolytidae), Hesperophanes griseus Fabricius (Cerambycidae), Scobicia chevrieri Villa and Sinoxylon sexdentatus Oliver (Bostrychidae) were common species and caused losses by damaging both stems and branches.

Keywords: Fig pests, Ficus carica, xylophagous, Cerambycidae, Buprestidae, Bostrychidae, Scolytidae, Curculionidae, Turkey

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