Effects of Agro Pesticides Cypermethrin and Malathion on Cholinesterase Activity in Liver and Kidney of Calotes versicolor Daudin (Agamidae: Reptilia)


Abstract: Reptiles are long-lived, sedentary animals and therefore may be good biomonitors of their local habitat. Experiments were carried out to determine the effects of 2 agro-pesticides, cypermethrin and malathion, on the cholinesterase activity of Calotes versicolor Daudin. Two different concentrations, 0.1% and 1%, were used and cholinesterase activity was estimated in the liver and kidney. This decreased by up to 20% and 35% in the liver and 27% and 54% in the kidney under the effect of cypermethrin. In the case of malathion it decreased by up to 30.27% and 66.97% in the liver and 58.46% and 65.09% in the kidney. On the basis of the present study it is concluded that the pesticide malathion (organophosphate) is the more toxic of the pesticides tested.

Keywords: Effect, Malathion, Cypermethrin, Cholinesterase, Calotes versicolor

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