Zooplankton of Two Drinking Water Reservoirs in Central Anatolia: Composition and Seasonal Cycle


Abstract: Comparative studies were performed on the zooplankton composition and some physical and chemical properties of the Kurtboğazı and Çamlıdere reservoirs. Zooplankton abundance, conductivity, organic matter, hardness and orthophosphate concentrations were lower and Secchi depth was higher in Çamlıdere than in Kurtboğazı (P < 0.01). Rotifera species such as Polyarthra dolichoptera, Keratella quadrata, Asplanchna priodonta and Ascomorpha saltans showed peaks, particularly in spring, summer and late summer. Diaphanosoma lacustris, Bosmina longirostris and Ceriodaphnia quadrangula of Cladocera species increased in late summer whereas Bosmina longirostris and Daphnia spp. were prominent in spring. The cyclopoid copepod Cyclops vicinus was dominant in Kurtboğazı and calanoid Acanthodiaptomus denticornis in Çamlıdere.

Keywords: Zooplankton, composition, trophic state, reservoir

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