Morphological and Karyological Characteristics of Nannospalax ehrenbergi (Nehring, 1898) (Rodentia: Spalacidae) from Hatay Province, Turkey


Abstract: The material of 31 specimens of Nannospalax ehrenbergi was collected from 11 different localities in the Hatay region in south Anatolia. The specimens were studied in respect to their morphological and karyological characteristics in detail. Some taxonomic characteristics and measurements of the body and skull were investigated. The data obtained from the specimens were compared with the results of previously published accounts and with samples collected from more than 16 other localities in Turkey, Israel, Jordan and Egypt. The karyotypes of the Yayladağ populations have 2n = 48, NF = 74 and NFa = 70, whereas the karyotypes of the other Hatay populations have 2n = 52, NF = 74, and NFa = 70. The results show that this region's mole rat populations have morphological and karyological features different to those of other populations.

Keywords: Rodentia, Spalax, Nannospalax ehrenbergi, Morphology, Karyology, Turkey

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