A Contribution to the Knowledge of Tenthredinidae (Symphyta, Hymenoptera) Fauna of Turkey Part II: Subfamilies Blennocampinae, Dolerinae, Nematinae and Selandrinae


Abstract: In the second part of this contribution to the fauna of the typical sawfly, Tenthredinidae in Turkey, the subfamilies Blennocampinae, Dolerinae, Nematinae and Selandrinae are discussed. Twenty-seven species in 13 genera of Blennocampinae, 7 species in 2 genera of Dolerinae, 9 species in 6 genera of Nematinae, and 4 species in 4 genera of Selandrinae, a total of 47 species, are recorded. Of these, 7 species were new to the Turkish fauna. New data on geographical distribution and host plants are given for some species. For each species, a chorotype is reported.

Keywords: Hymenoptera, Tenthredinidae, Blennocampinae, Dolerinae, Nematinae, Selandrinae, fauna, Turkey

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