Effects of EDTA on Accumulation of Cadmium in Tilapia zilli

Authors: Ferit KARGIN

Abstract: In this study effects of EDTA on the accumulation of cadmium in the tissues of Tilapia zilli were investigated. The fish were exposed to 0.1 and 1.0 ppm Cd, 0.1 ppm Cd + 0.3 ppm EDTA and 1.0 ppm Cd + 3.0 ppm EDTA mixtures for 10 and 20 days. Accumulation of cadmium in the gills, liver and muscle was measured by Atomic Absorbtion Spectrophoometric methods. In both exposure concentrations, EDTA significantly reduced the accumulation of cadmium in the tissues of T. zilli. In both exposure conditions the highest reduction of Cd accumulation due to EDTA occurred in the gills and this was followed by the liver and muscle.

Keywords: Metal, Cadmium, EDTA, Accumulation, Fish