The Physiological Effect of Fenoxycarb - The Juvenile Hormone Analog on Various Insect Groups

Authors: Kulijeva HOKUMA, Abdinbekova ARİFA

Abstract: The effect of juvenoid fenoxycarb on various insect groups - pests, such as the Apsheron population of Agrotis segetum Schiff., Phytometra gamma L. (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae); Pieris brassicae L., Pieris rapae L. (Lepidoptera, Pieridae) and Aphis craccivora Koch. (Homoptera, Aphididae) has been studied for the first time. The effects of the given juvenoid on the processes of larval-pupal and pupal - imaginal metamorphosis in Noctuidae and Pieridae has been determined.

Keywords: Fenoxycarb, Physiological Effect, Noctuidae, Pieridae, Aphidinea.