Seasonal Fluctuation in the Rotifer Fauna of Kesikköprü Dam Lake (Ankara, Turkey)


Abstract: The individual and seasonal variations of 11 rotifer species identified in Kesikköprü Dam Lake were investigated from April 1995 to May 1996. Species-wise percentages were Polyarthra vulgaris 24.5%, Keratella quadrata 20.8%, Asplanchna priodonta 16.0%, Brachionus angularis 11.2%, Keratella cochlearis 8.8%, Synchaeta litoralis 7.0%, Lecane luna 4.0%, Notholca squamula 3.8%, Lepadella patella 1.6%, Notholca acuminata 1.4% and Colurella adriatica 0.7%. Apart from two seasonal peaks in spring and autumn, some species such as S. litoralis, L. luna, N. squamula, and C. adriatica showed smaller fluctuations other than during seasonal peaks. When the annual abundance of species was taken into consideration, P. vulgaris, K. quadrata, A. priodonta, S. litoralis and L. luna were determined to be eurythermal, B. angularis and K. cochlearis hot-stenothermal, and N. squamula cold-stenothermal species. In addition to these, P. vulgaris and A. priodonta were determined to be perennial species for this dam's lake.

Keywords: Rotifer, Seasonal variation, Kesikköprü Dam Lake, Turkey

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