Chromosomes of Oedipoda schochi schochi and Acrotylus insbricus (Orthoptera, Acrididae, Oedipodinae). Karyotypes and C- and G-Band Patterns


Abstract: Chromosomes, with detalied karyotype information (number, shape, total length, relative length, arm ratio and centromeric index) and C- and G-band patterns of two species of grasshoppers belonging to the subfamily Oedipodinae in Turkey are described. The karyotype of Oedipoda schochi schochi with 2n O = 25 (X0) comprises eight pairs of metacentric, two pairs of submetacentric, one pair of acrocentric and one pair of subacrocentric autosomes, which come from 2n O = 23 through centric fission and the metacentric X chromosome, while Acrotylus insbricus with 2n O = 23 (X0) possesses metacentric autosomes, and the metacentric X chromosome.

Keywords: Oedipodinae, chromosome, C- and G-band patterns

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