Microwave Histotechnique Applied to Arion ater: A Methodological Investigation

Authors: M. Halit UMAR, L.J.L.D. Van GRIENSVEN

Abstract: With this study, we aimed to investigate the application of Microwave-histotechnique, recently introduced as a method for human tissue specimens, to the histology of naked terrestrial slugs, Spp. Arion ater. All steps of histotechnical procedures are performed using a household microwave-owen with a temperature control probe. The entire slug is fixed, processed, and embedded in paraffin according to microwave method. Whole-body sections are stained with Hematoxylin-Eosin and modified PAP EA stain for tissues, using microwave stimulation as well. The microwave-histotechnique, providing rapid diffusion and reaction of the fluids in the specimen and shortening the processing time considerably, is also applicable to histological study of the slug.

Keywords: Histoteknik, Kisadalga, Arion ater, Histoloji, Microwave, Histotechnique.