Evolution of the Census Methods and Pellet Group Counts of Deer

Authors: İdris OĞURLU

Abstract: Deer populations have specific characteristics, including population size (total number of animals) or density (animals per unit area) and recruitment rates. Interactions between birth and death rates lead to changes in population size and density. On the other hand, deer populations prefer some parts of their habitats to others. In many cases, information about the changes or trend of the population and habitat preference is easier to obtain than absolute estimates by comparing pellet counts in different times or in different areas. And among the indirect counts pellet-group counts have widely being used. In this report, methods of some direct (drive count and aerial count) and pellet-group count techniques, evolution in the pellet counts and main points in practices of pellet count techniques were discussed.

Keywords: Red deer, Population Surveys, Direct Counts, Pellet-group Counts.