Karyotypes of Cyprinid Fish Capoeta trutta and Capoeta capoeta umbla (Cyprinidae) From the Tigris River


Abstract: Chromosome numbers and karyotypes of Cyprinid fish Capoeta trutta and Capoeta capoeta umbla (Cyprinidae) in the Tigris River were determined by the use of chromosome preparation techniques from uncultured kidney. The diploid chromosome number in C. trutta was found to be 2n = 150, with 35 pairs of meta-submetacentric chromosomes, 40 pairs of subtelo-acrocentric chromosomes and the chromosome arms number (NF) was 220. Chromosomal studies on the C. c. umbla revealed the diploid chromosome number to be 2n = 150, with 43 pairs of meta-submetacentric chromosomes, 32 pairs of subtelo-acrocentric chromosomes with NF = 236. Sex chromosomes were not determined in the studied species.

Keywords: Capoeta trutta, Capoeta capoeta umbla, Chromosome, Karyology, Tigris River.

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