Systematic Studies on the Bruchidius Species (Coleoptera: Bruchidae) from Central Anatolia II

Authors: Orhan MERGEN, Neşe ÇAĞATAY

Abstract: In this second section of the study, it comprises 9 species of the genus Bruchidius. These species were as follows: Bruchidius cinerascens Gyll., Br. foveolatus Gyll., Br. holosericeus Schönh., Br. longulus Schils., Br. poecilus Germ., Br. pusillus Germ., Br. sericatus Germ., Br. tibialis Boh., Br. tuberculatus Hochh. The brief description of the body, host plants and their distribution were given. And also the male genitalia which imply very important taxonomic characters, were illustrated.

Keywords: Bruchidius, Systematic, Male Genitalia, Distribution, Host Plants.