Systematic Studies on the Bruchidius Species from Central Anatolia (Coleoptera: Bruchidiae) I

Authors: 0rhan MERGEN, Neşe ÇAĞATAY

Abstract: ln the first section of the study which comprises Bruchidius albopictus Allard, Br. bimaculatus 0livier, Br. canus Germar, Br. dispar Gyllenhall, Br. varius 0livier, Br. murinus Boheman of the genus Bruchidius have been examined. The diagnostic key, body morfology, host plants and their distributions were given. Also the median lobe, internal sac and lateral lobe of the male genitalia of these given species were examined and shown with the figures.

Keywords: Bruchidius, Diagnostic key, Systematic, Male genitalia, Distribution, Host plants, Central Anatolia.