A Study of the Ecofaunal Complexes of the Leaf-Eating Beetles (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae) in Azerbaijan


Abstract: A total of 377 leaf-eating beetle species from 69 genera and 11 subfamilies (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae) were revealed in Azerbaijan, some of which are important pests of agriculture and forestry. The leaf-eating beetle distribution among different areas of Azerbaijan is presented. In the Great Caucasus 263 species are noted, in the Small Caucasus 206, in Kura - Araks lowland 174, and in Lenkoran zone 262. The distribution of the leaf-eating beetles among different sites is also described and the results of zoogeographic analysis of the leaf-eating beetle fauna are presented as well. Eleven zoogeographic groups of the leaf-eating beetles were revealed in Azerbaijan, which are not very specific. The fauna consists mainly of the common species; the number of endemic species is small.

Keywords: leaf-eating beetle, larva, pest, biotope, zoogeography

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