The Ensifera (Orthoptera; Insecta) Fauna of Malatya (Turkey) District

Authors: Battal ÇIPLAK, Ali DEMİRSOY, A. Nihat BOZCUK

Abstract: During five years (1987-1992) Ensifera specimens were collected from Malatya province (Turkey) and its vicinity. The specimens were identified and diversity from nominal description were determined. In research area, 23 genera, 43 species-subspecies which belong to 3 Ensifera families were obtained. 17 species of these 43 are new records for Malatya Province and 5 species of them are new records for East Anatolia. The data in our hand have been evaluated faunistic and zoogeographically.

Keywords: Orthoptera, Ensifera, Faunistic, Malatya, Turkey