Taxonomy and Distribution of the White Toothed Shrews Crocidura)(Soricidae: Insectivora: Mammalia) of Turkey


Abstract: A total of 359 samples were collected from different geographical regions in Turkey and the species boundaries of white toothed shrews (genus Crocidura) in Turkey were defined using morphological and karyological characteristics. According to these characteristics, it was determined that Crocidura leucodon with karyotype of 2n = 28 and FN = 56 and Crocidura suaveolens with karyotype of 2n = 40 and FN =50 are distributed in Turkey. In both species, the shape of the skull, the shapes and positions of incisive (I 1 ), premolar (P 4 ), molar (M 3 ), tail length, dorsal and ventral side colours were used in morphological comparisons. In addition, brief information about the diagnostic key and ecologies of Turkey Crociduraspecies is given.

Keywords: Crocidura leucodon, Crocidura suaveolens, Taxonomy, Turkey

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