Community Structure of Zooplanktonic Organisms in Lake Akşehir


Abstract: In this study, the abundance and seasonal distribution of rotifer and crustacean zooplankton were examined. A negative correlation beetween rotifers and crustaceans in terms of their abundancy rates was observed. Copepods were most abundant and comprised 43.3 %; rotifers comprised 34 % and cladocerans comprised 22.6% of the total zooplanktonic organisms. Copepods were abundant in autumn whereas rotifers were abundant in spring and autumn but cladocerans were abundant in summer periods. Some zooplanktonic organisms recorded in all samples throughout the study period were Filinia, Hexarthra, Brachionus, Asplanchna, Keratella, Arctodiaptomus spinosus and Diaphanosoma lacustris.

Keywords: Rotifera, Cladocera, Copepoda, Biomass, Seasonal distribution

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