The Growth Characteristics of Chondrostoma regium (Heckel, 1843) in Atatürk Dam Lake (Turkey)


Abstract: In this study, growth characteristics including as age composition, condition factor, growth, and age-length, age-weight and length-weight relationships, in Chondrostoma regium (Heckel, 1843) living in Atatürk Dam Lake on the Euphrates River were determined. A total of 725 specimens of age groups I-VIII were investigated. The length of females and males was found statistically different only in age group III, while the weights were statistically different in age groups III and IV (P<0.05). The age-length and age-weight in females and males were estimated as L_t=38.67[1-e^{-0.136126(t+3.073799)}], W_t=527.52[1-e^{-0.136126(t+3.073799)}]^{3.1986} and L_t=35.01[1-e^{-0.168137(t+2.754214)}], W_t= 724.73[1-e^{-0.168137(t+2.754214)}]^{3.2779} respectively. The length-weight relationships were obtained as Log W = -5.4153 + 3.1986 Log FL in females and Log W = -5.6212 + 3.2779 Log FL in males. It was determined that the condition factor values were low in age group I and high in age group VII. The highest condition factor values were determined in April and May, while the lowest ones were determined in December and January.

Keywords: Chondrostoma regium, growth, condition factor, Atatürk Dam Lake

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