The Morphology of Vipera ammodytes transcaucasiana (Reptilia, Viperidae) Specimens Collected from Murgul (Artvin, Turkey) Bilal KUTRUP


Abstract: The morphological characteristics and distribution of Vipera ammodytes transcaucasiana, which is a member of the Vipera kaznakovi group, were studied. The transcaucasian horned viper specimens were captured from Murgul, Artvin, in Turkey. This species differs from all other vipers in the Near and Middle East in respect of its pronounced horn. It is similar to Vipera pontica in the greenish-yellowish tip of the tail, but differs in having more apicals.

Keywords: Reptilia, Squamata, Viperidae, Vipera ammodytes transcaucasiana, Erenköy, Morphology

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