A Study of The Taxonomy and Karyology of Meriones persicus (Blanford, 1875) (Mammalia: Rodentia) In Turkey


Abstract: In this study, three live specimens captured around Oltu ( Erzurum ) were examined in terms of their morphological and karyological features. The diploid number of the chromosomes was 2n= 42, the fundamental number FN= 78 and the number of autosomal arms was FNa= 74. The X and Y chromosomes were both submetacentric in M. persicus. It was determined that the small white supraorbital spot found between the eyes and ears of the pelage, as well as karyological traits, distinguish Meriones persicus from Meriones tristrami. On the basis of morphological similarity, it was concluded that these taxa were sibling species.

Keywords: Meriones persicus, karyology, taxonomy, Turkey

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