The Feeding Features of The Pike-perch (Stizostedion lucioperca) Population in Lake Beyşehir


Abstract: The stomach contents of pike-perch (Stizostedion lucioperca) in Lake Beyşehir were investigated. The stomachs of 474 pike-perch were studied between March 1995 and February 1996. 76.6% of specimens had full and 23.4% had empty stomachs. The contents of the stomachs consisted of Gammarus sp. (77.5%), Mysis sp. (14.7%), Chirinomidae (4.3%), pike-perch (2.7%) and others (0.8%). Around 20.9% cannibalism was estimated and it was widespread among individuals with a length of 11-60 cm. In addition, it appears that pike-perch can consume fellow specimens with a mean size of 35.9% of its length.

Keywords: Pike-perch, Stizostedion lucioperca, stomach content, cannibalism, Lake Beyşehir

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