The Taxonomy and Ecology of Mauremys caspica rivulataValenciennes, 1833 (Testudinata: Bataguridae) and Testudo graeca ibera Pallas, 1811 (Testudinata: Testudinidae) on Resadiye (Datça) Peninsula


Abstract: In this survey, the tortoise and turtle fauna of Resadiye (Datça) Peninsula, which has not previously been studied in detail, is given. Mauremys caspica rivulata and Testudo graeca ibera specimens were collected as museum material or released after their measurements were taken, from four and nine localities respectively, establishing the status of the peninsula's testudine fauna. A total of 30 adult and eight juvenile specimens were studied morphologically. Observations on the ecological and biological characteristics of the testudines are also given.

Keywords: Mauremys caspica rivulata, Testudo graeca ibera, Taxonomy, Ecology

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