Feeding Organisms Living in Capoeta trutta (Heckel;1843) in the Tigris River and Changes in these Organisms According to Month and Age


Abstract: This study was conducted in order to determine the species of feeding organisms living in the stomach contents of Capoeta trutta in the Tigris River and changes in the organisms according to season, month and age. For this purpose, 120 fish samples were caught between September 1991 and August 1992. At the end of this study, 31 plant-like and 2 animal-like organisms were identified, making a total of 33 genera. The total nutrition consisted of the following percentages: 61.24% Bacillariophyta, 27.72% Cyanophyta, 8.88% Chlorophyta, 1.88% Euglenophyta and 0.25% zoological organisms.

Keywords: Capoeta trutta, food types, Tigris River

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