The Benthic Fauna and some Limnological Aspects of Lake Akşehir (Konya)


Abstract: The qualitative and quantitative aspects of benthic fauna of Lake Akşehir were studied along with monthly changes. Benthic samples were taken monthly from nine different stations between July 1992 and June 1993. It was determined that the benthic fauna of the lake consist of five animal groups: Insecta, Oligochaeta, Crustacea, Nematoda, Mollusca and 27 genera of these. It was found that the annual mean value of benthic fauna as the animal number per m2 was 1754.08. Of these 51.55 % were Chironomidae larvae, 45.97 % were Oligochaeta samples and 2.48 % were other benthic invertebrates . It was found that the annual mean value of benthic fauna as fresh weight per m^2 was 5.57 g. Of these Chironomidae larvae were 82.49 %, Oligochaeta samples were 13.57 % and other benthic invertebrates were 3.94 %. The water and air temperatures, pH, oxygen, salinity, electric conductivity, light permeability, total hardness °F, nitrate, chlorine, sulphate, orthophosphate, ammonia and alkalinity of the lake were also measured.

Keywords: Benthic fauna, Chironomidae, Oligochaeta, Lake Akşehir

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