Birds of Kabaki Reservoir, Diyarbakır

Authors: Murat BİRİCİK

Abstract: The birds of Kabakli Reservoir, which is situated about 10 km east of the city center Diyarbakir (37^0 55' N, 40^0 12' E), had been studied from May 1992 to May 1994. At the reservoir area 102 bird species that belong to 36 families are established and listed. Among the species 87 are breeding birds, while 15 of them are transitory migrating or wintering birds for Turkey. Also, they are 2 of 'endangered', 23 of 'strongly threatened', 20 of 'threatened' and 21 of 'potentially threatened' species.

Keywords: Bird, Avifauna, Diyarbakir, South-eastern Anatolia