Some Biological Characteristics of Sprat (Sprattus sprattus phalericus RISSO, 1826) on the Eastern Black Sea Coast


Abstract: In this study, biological characteristics i.e. sex and age distribution, growth (in length and weight), growth rates, and condition factor of sprat (Sprattus sprattus phalericus) from the Eastern Blak Sea coast have been examined. The percentage of females and males was 57.53 % and 42.47 % out of 372 specimens which ranged between age group I and IV. Age groups II and III were also predominant in the catch composition. The mean length values were 10.72±0.052 cm for females, 10.67±0.253 cm for males and 10.69±0.038 for both sexes (female+male). The length and weight differences between females and males were not signifıcant (P>0.05). The length-weight relationship and growth equations for females and males were estimated as foilows, respectively: W=2.1411x10^{-3}xL^{3.4569} W=2.0463x10^{-3}xL^{3.4746} L_t=14.622 [1-e^{-0.2975(t+1.8824)}] L_t=13.373[1-e^{-0.4177(t+I.2988)}] W_t=22.801[1-e^{-0.2975(t+1.8824)}]^{3.4569}, W_t = 16.756[1-e^{-0.4177(t+12988)}]^{3.4746} Condition factor differences between females and males in age group IV was signifıcant ( P<0.05), but there were no differences between other age groups.

Keywords: Sprat (Sprattus sprattus phalericus), Growth, Condition Factor, Eastern Black Sea

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