An Investigation on the Morphology of Genital Organs and Oviposition Capacit of Cicadatra persica Kirkaldy, 1909 (Cicadidae, Homoptera)


Abstract: The aims of this study was determine the morphology of genital organs and maximum oviposition of capacity of a female of Cicadatra persica, which is distributed in Central Anatolia region is harmfull for plants. Therefore, 15 adult male and 15 adult female samples were investigated. The morphology of internal and external genital structures were identified and presented as illustrations. In a female, X 417±7 ovariols, in each ovariol X =3,4±0,1 oocyst were counted and the maximum egg number which was laid by a single female was found as X =1417±24.

Keywords: Cicadatra persica, genital organs, maximum oviposition capacity

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